Supermarket Band and Room Information:[email protected]

Supermarket Restaurant and Bar
268 Augusta Ave.
Toronto, On.
M5T 2L9

Please do not drop off “press packages”, rather, send an epk or link to a “myspace” page or band website where music files can be listened to online!


The "DOWN & DIRTY" Essentials for a Booked Show! We send out weekly listings therefore two weeks before the show we need the "listings" info: show title, who's performing, show details, door times, set times, admission, etc. We need a small, no more than 200k, web flyer in jpg or gif format for our website.  Advance the show with the sound tech! Sound checks to be completed by 6pm (talk to tech). Load in can be after noon. We have a great new Yamaha drum kit which we can rent for the evening for $25 (bring breakables, talk to tech!)

Sound technician (**NEW**:  Generally paid for by the parties presenting the evening for a minimum of 3 hours ($60) to a maximum of 5 hours ($100) and Supermarket will pay the balance to the tech over $100)
Johnny Trelawny
416.880.3699 or [email protected]

Legal licensed capacity - 350

About playing at Supermarket:

The space here is completely “event driven”, meaning that there is an audience later here in the evening to watch the show because your “event team” has done a great job of promoting your show. There is no street "walk-in". We do not do all ages shows – 19+ only. You take the door, we take the bar. The format here is no loud rock shows – we focus on lo-fi indie, songwriters, indie roots, alt-jazz and country, soul and jazz, some funk, etc. because we are a dining establishment as well. Opening bands for the evening should not be "too heavy" – since there is generally a cross over time between when the opening band starts performing and when dining ends, we try to make sure that the opening act is not going to have the rest of the patrons running for the door because of volume or style of music. It is a good idea for you to bring either some recorded music or an i-pod so that you can create the sound vibe that you would like for the evening before and between sets, etc.



Load-In, Parking, Soundcheck & House Techs:

We mainly do just band set-up around 6:30 or 7pm rather than full sound checks because the front room is open for dining after 6pm ("dial-in" on the fly!). Full sound checks can be arranged for late afternoon if necessary. PLEASE ADVANCE THE SHOW AND SPEAK TO THE HOUSE TECH AS TO SOUNDCHECKS ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE!  Depending on the show complexity we figure out something that works for all since the back room can be “separated” from the front. Generally there is someone in the establishment after 2pm so load-in can be anytime after that really. There is an alley behind Supermarket which runs off of College St. down to Oxford St. You can also choose to load in there (2 small steps). Go in through the front first though to let someone know you are coming around otherwise they probably will not hear you knocking. Parking is a bit difficult…street parking on Augusta, College St. after certain times…a lot down Bellevue, etc. Head house tech – Johnny Trelawny ([email protected] or 416-880-3699). You should contact Johnny at least a week before your gig by e-mail to advance the show. If your night is extremely successful and you are happy with your house tech you might consider slipping them a tip. Shows are often recorded here and you can make that arrangement with the tech as well if you have the necessary equipment. Also, we are now web casting many shows here through Sync Live and you can speak to the sound tech about that as well.

Door & Set Times:

You provide the door person generally (this may change and we may have a “house” door person in which case the first $$$ from the door will pay that persons wages).  We have a cash box and stamp pad. We can usually provide a float. Generally doors are 9pm. The door can be set up at the back room area if it is a “smaller” show and it will be separated from the front room or it can be set up at the front to make sure that anyone coming into Supermarket has to pass through the door. Regardless, the washrooms are at the back to the side and all patrons must pass that way to use them. 10pm is a decent time to get things started for music acts. Other events start earlier. You must have at least one break in between acts for 15 minutes please so that patrons can access the bar which is just outside the back room.  Most weeknights we like the entertainment to be finished by no later than 12:30 or so, maybe a little later on Thursday. So most events are usually 2 acts rather than 3…but whatever.

Advertising & Promotion

We send out listings to various press every week. You should always do your own press releases as well. We are in many print listings. You should send us all the show details (who presenting, title, performing, door time, cost, etc.) about 2 weeks before the show to get the info into the “weeklies”. Please include a one paragraph "show descriptor", bio, or whatever is most relevant along with website links, myspace, etc. so that we can include the information onto our event calendar and people will be able to access the relevant information which will help promote your show.  Please supply a relevant "web flyer or image" if you can 'NOT MORE THAN 200K(!) and we can put that up on the website as well. We have information on, a weekly ad in EYE (which can be made larger at your expense), and our own website. You can bring in posters and flyers if you have them and put them up in the space. We do not pay for flyers. You can e-mail ([email protected]) a low resolution jpg flyer as well if you have one and we will put it up on our site.


The Supermarket in partnership with; provide FREE web streaming to all artists performing here. SyncLive is a web based live music community that presents artists with the opportunity to showcase their talent by broadcasting live at any time and from any place.  Fans can experience a wide selection of live music for free, chat with other fans at the show and watch archived shows of their fav artists. Artists can upload photos, bios and contact info.  Shows can be archived with a single click of a mouse, and once archived the artist can take advantage of the SyncLive embed player feature. The embedded player allows the artist to embed their SyncLive performance on any of your websites, including my space & you tube. The artist signs up, books show time and has full ownership and control of their shows. All for FREE!

If you need any help signing up or setting up your show, please contact Johnny Trelawny at 1-416-880-3699

Merchandise & Coat Check:

There is a coat check area off to the side of the back room which is not staffed during the week. Coats, cases, etc. can be left there but remember it is not monitored.  This area can also be used for selling merchandise.

The “Dining Thing”:

Dining 6-11pm. One “area of concern” has always been the fact that the dining area which is the front room already has people in it before the doors open. Our policy has always been that these people who are there early and most likely not for your show are not charged anything and most leave before the nightly entertainment starts anyways (if the cover is “high”, like on a Friday night for a special show, diners are often charged a reduced cover). If your door is set up at the front and it’s early, it’s possible that someone may come in wanting to dine that has no idea of anything else going on – please direct such persons to the hostess or waiter. If we are hosting a “ticketed show” then we will make some other arrangement with the promoter so people are not getting into the show for free!  With local shows it is not generally a problem since we have such a high capacity – the dining and the back room event can co-exist without any capacity concerns. Many or most diners are gone before the entertainment starts. Often the back room is “closed off” and it’s a non-issue. Later in the evening the back room “windows” are opened up to let the stragglers enjoy what is going on as well (your audience is usually there earlier as well and you have collected most of your door income). The Supermarket kitchen is an “open kitchen” and that combined with people socializing in the dining room + low level dining room music means that there is always “room noise”. There will always be some amount of “noise bleed” between the two spaces, even with the back room windows and doors closed (but then it is minimal). Experience has shown this aspect of the establishment (room noise) not to be a problem but for these reasons, we would probably not book an event that required pretty much silence around the room. It’s probably a great idea to just come by and check out the space sometime and ask questions.

Capacity and the Back Room:

Entire space front room and back is licensed for 348 + 44 on patio. The back room can be physically separated from the front for smaller, intimate, quieter shows. With chairs and tables in the back room only, you can probably seat about 80 people with some standing room at the back as well. If the event is busier and louder, we can “open up the windows” into the back space to make it a part of the front space as well (there are satellite speakers in the front room to “fill in” the sound for that area. If we are expecting a really busy night with perhaps some dancing, we can eliminate the chairs and tables so that probably close to 150 persons could be standing in just the back space alone. You should inform us whether you would like the room entirely full of chairs and table (eg. Comedy), a few tables and chairs or none. We do not generally have servers going to the back room tables so drinks and/or food have to be purchased from the bar and that is why we insist you also build in some “breaks” into the event.

Band Drinks, food, etc:

There is no band meal discount. Sorry (our food is great AND inexpensive). You can purchase a limited number of drink tickets (good for 1/2 pints, most bottled beer, bar “rail” liquor, house wine). Oh yeah, we do not have “towels” on premises.


Depending on the night and the show, there is anywhere between 1 and 5 security persons at Supermarket to control capacity, prevent minors from entering, etc. Generally, we provide the security but in the odd case where we have to have extra security, we might ask that you pay for extra security if necessary.


See PA spec information below for detail

Green Room

There is a small backstage room for some storage, etc.

Sound System Specifications

The systems design and installation is of a professional quality, provides proper coverage and will deliver an undistorted 120 dB @ the FOH mix position. The system consists of the following equipment:


Midas Venice 320 (Total of 28 channels available from stage)


SUBS: 4 x single 18” front loaded boxes (Yorkville LS818) split 1pair mix left, 1pair mix right. Powered by 2000 watts per channel @ 4 Ohms (Yorkville AP 6060)        
MID/HI’s: 2 x three way boxes. (1 per side) consisting of 2x 15” Low Frequency (LF) drivers, 3x 5” Mid Frequency (MF) drivers, 1x 1.75” High Frequency (HF) driver. Powered by 1200 watts per channel @ 4 Ohms (Yorkville A4.4)


The house delay systems design and installation is of a professional quality, is properly delayed in time, provides proper coverage and will deliver an undistorted 110 dB throughout the entire restaurant. The delay system consists of the following equipment:


2 x three way boxes.
Each box consists of 1x 15” LF driver, 3x 5” MF drivers, and 1x 1.74” HF driver. Powered by 750 watts per channel @ 4 Ohms  (Yorkville AP4020)


The stage monitor system is of a professional quality and offers a passive box consisting of 1x 12” (LF) driver and a 1.5” voice coil. There is sufficient power available for comfortable listening from low SPL levels to high SPL levels. Each wedge/amp system delivers approximately 350 watts @ 8 ohms to the listener.


There are 3 monitor mixes driven from FOH. Each mix consists of 1 passive wedge with 1x 12” (LF) driver, 1x 1.5” (HF) driver. (Yorkville E12) Powered by 350 watts per channel @ 8 Ohms  (AP 2020). (OPTION): By doubling up wedges on 1 mix only


- Mains: Ashley 3201
- Monitors 1,2,3: DBX 2231
- Spare “Insert able”: DBX 2231                   

COMPRESSORS (8 Channels)
Ashley CLX 52 Dual Channel Comp/Limiter
DBX 1046 Quad Comp/Limiter
ATR Pro VLA Tube Leveler

TC Electronics M-ONE
Effectron ADM 1024



8x Shure SM 58 Vox/Inst
2x Shure SM 57 Vox/Inst
1x AKG C535    EB Vox/Inst
1x AKG D112    Instrument
2x EV 408B    Instrument
4x Oktava MC 012 Condenser
2x CAD ICM 417 Condenser
3x CAD TSM 411 Instrument
1x CAD KBM 412 Instrument


Internet streaming to       

There is any number of outputs available to record including direct o/p on each channel and sub groups and mix/record o/p (RCA)   

Power / Lighting


*There is no shore power available for tour buses*


There is a very large grid with which to hang extra lighting. This is an easy proposition as there is an extensive wiring grid along ceiling terminating at two positions; FOH Mix position and Dj Booth.


There are 14 numbered circuits within the power grid that terminate at the FOH Mix Position

Controller: NSI MC 7008
Dimmers: Leviton ND 4600/ 8 Channels @ 600 Watts per Channel


13x Par 38 @ 150 Watts

2x Strand Pattern 23 @ 500 Watts

2x Quartzcolor Flood/spot 



There are 10 numbered circuits within the power grid that terminate at the Dj Booth.

*DJ lighting is limited*


DJ System


The DJ system is of a professional quality and connected to both the Main & Delay systems and consists of the following equipment:

Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer
2x Technics SL 1200 MK2 Turntables
2x Pioneer CDJ 800  


2 Yorkville E12 powered by Audiopro MOS 1200 in Stereo


*Note: All room sizes are in Feet*

Green Room: 6 x 8
Stage: 16 x 12 x 2 M (W x D x H)
Venue Proper: 28 x 26
Dining Room: 18 x 58
Private Party Room: 18 x 24
Dj Booth: 7 x 5+
Coat Check/Merch Booth: 8 x 11