An “un-conference style of event!”

July 15, 2008

DemoCamp is a variation of the un-conference style of event, started by
David Crow, Albert Lai and the TorCamp community as an excuse to have more
regular meetings where community members share what they've been working on,
demo their products, meet others (and share a drink or 3).

Doors 5:30 Demos 6:30 FREE!

Got something to demo? Thinking about how to Ignite the crowd?

The rules are pretty simple. *Demos are 5 minutes*. There is generally no
PowerPoint/Keynote/etc. for Demos (if you need slides, please talk to the
stewards). *Ignite presentations are 5 minutes*. They are 20 slides x 15
seconds/slide and the presenter does not have control over the slide
advancement. All Ignite decks must be submitted to the stewards before the
event in PowerPoint format.