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"In keeping with its artsy Kensington environ, it's as funky and casual as you'd expect -- with just the right amount of market grunge..."

May 2005

Curtis MacDonald

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Curtis MacDonald is a Toronto based illustrator and painter. Since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1998, Curtis's paintings have been exhibited in galleries across Ontario and he has produced animations and illustrations for clients such as Sum 41, Obus Forme, the Toronto Star, Katalogue Magazine and Broken Pencil. Currently Curtis is working on a cartooning project with Get Positive Productions in Australia.

MacDonald's paintings are characterized by large scale alien landscapes, giving a sense of depth and majesty, along with the strange and unusual. Bonelike structures stretch across fields of explosive colours as bright searing lights dance on spooky freeways. From industrial to fantastical, MacDonalds works stimulate the imagination.