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"In keeping with its artsy Kensington environ, it's as funky and casual as you'd expect -- with just the right amount of market grunge..."

January 2006

Julie Fader

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The artist featured for the month of January is local artist Julie Fader.

Abstract, organic design.
Some people describe the work looking like frozen smoke.
Or an aerial view from an aeroplane.
Or like cell structure under a microscope.
Or old anatomical drawings.

The 15 paintings featured are 2 colour designs comprised of tiny dots.
Nothing pre-planned, all free form.

Julie Fader is a full-time member of the Sarah Harmer band, and has been touring steadily for the past couple of years, singing harmonies, playing wurlitzer, flute and guitar. On her time off the road with Sarah, she is working at writing songs for a future solo recording, and painting, painting, and painting...