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"In keeping with its artsy Kensington environ, it's as funky and casual as you'd expect -- with just the right amount of market grunge..."

January 2005

Rebecca Lawton

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Recka was born in 1973, Toronto Canada and comes from a range of artistic disciplines having 14 yrs experience painting murals throughout the city. Growing from the aspect of mural painting, Recka has individually and in collaboration completed a number of public and private commissions. Having pioneered graffiti along with just a handful of others, many of the murals are still around and can be seen to this day. Individual style and inspiration come from his East Indian background, skateboarding, cycling, music and in general, everything that surrounds.


Residing in downtown Toronto, Rebecca Lawton is an up & coming artist and fashion designer. A born Canadian raised in South Texas; Rebecca comes from a family of artists. This unique artist is inspired by Jackson Pollock, Picasso and impressionist influences, combining the genres and creating an abstract modern effect. Truly a jack of all trades, this artist loves and embraces change, expression her creativity through painting, jewelry and fashion design. Her current collection projects colour and bold lines, reflecting her fresh outlook towards the art community in Toronto.