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"In keeping with its artsy Kensington environ, it's as funky and casual as you'd expect -- with just the right amount of market grunge..."

February 2006

Eric Farache

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"Collective Memory"
New works by Eric Farache.

Mixing photographic imagery and painting on a large scale, Eric culls his past, presenting the mass of objects he has collected over his formative years in order to represent the many and layered references, imagery from classicism to pop culture, that has informed his art.

Vernissage ::
Thurday February 2nd, 8pm, 2006

Showing from February 2nd to February 28th, 2006 at Supermarket, 268 Augusta Ave

Eric Farache has a Master of Fine Art from the University of Leeds, UK, and has shown his work at Contact, SNAP!, Jet Fuel 13, Paul Petro Gallery, Spin Gallery, and Lawrence Batley Gallery UK.