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"In keeping with its artsy Kensington environ, it's as funky and casual as you'd expect -- with just the right amount of market grunge..."

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Amber Penchoff

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Beauty Secrets: an ongoing documentation of the primping and preening rituals that are performed to beautify oneself. This revealing series not only covers the applicaton of make-up it also shows the insertion of a contact lense, a woman tattooing on her own eyebrows, body waxing and other practices not often typically thought of as beautification.

Photographer Amber Penchoff, a renouned causer of mayhem (a little havok but mostly mayhem), was born and raised in rural Ontario. Desperately needing to break free of the social constraints of small town life she set of to the metropolis of Toronto where she has since found comfort in its diversity. While she creates art and mayhem with many mediums, photography is her true passion. During the day she works as a welding apprentice at a custom metal shop, while by night she wields pillows at friends and foes in the Pillow Fight League - all this while attending Ryerson University for a certificate in photography. For the past two years the pieces she has shown at the Ryerson Gallery for the Chang Schools Photography Exhibit have been well received. Come and enjoy a look at the world of beauty through Amber's eyes.